Monday, May 25, 2015

What the World Costs- Tanzania

Free: Beit al-Ajaib (The Palace of Wonders)
100 Tanzanian shillings ($.05): hot ginger tea outside the mosque
200 Tanzanian shillings ($.10): small coffee outside the mosque; mishakaki (small beef skewers) on street
500 shillings ($.25) hand-press sugar cane juice; Zanzibar chai on the street; spiced coffee; chicken skewer
700 shillings ($.35): young green coconut
800 shillings ($.40): bottle of coke
1,000 shillings ($.50): cone of soft serve ice cream; laundry per piece at Haven Guest House
1,200 shillings ($.60): beef soup on the side of the road
1,500 shillings ($.75): bottle of Kresta bitter lemons at Forodhani; shot of Konyagi (local gin)
2,000 shillings ($1): biryani; skewer of chicken at Forodhani Gardens market; nutella and banana Zanzibari pizza; 2.5 hour dalla-dalla from Stone Town to Paje
3,000 shillings ($1.50): skewer of tuna at Forodhani Gardens market; beef, egg and veggie Zanzibari pizza
4,000 shillings ($2): 500ml bottle of Tusker in Zanzibar; cone of gelato; cappuccino at Boboo Cafe Zanzibar
5,000 shillings ($2.50): 500ml bottle of Kilimanjaro Beer at the Waterfront; Palace Museum
7,500 shillings ($3.75): king fish in coconut curry sauce
8,000 shillings ($4): gin and tonic at pub in Zanzibar
10,000 shillings ($5): veg thali at Radha
17,000 shillings ($8.50): veggie pizza at The Waterfront
20,000 shillings ($10): vegetable curry at The Waterfront; taxi from ferry to Nyerere Airport
22,000 shillings ($11): Spice Tour on Zanzibar
30,000 shillings ($15): 45 min taxi from Paje to Stone Town
35,000 shillings ($17.50): single room at Haven, no bathroom, incl breakfast in Zanzibar
40,000 shillings ($20): single bungalow with breakfast at Teddy's Place in Paje
70,000 shillings ($35): fast ferry from Dar to Zanzibar
80,000 shillings ($40):  transfer from airport to Hotel Slipaway
82,000 shillings ($41): VIP ticket for fast ferry from Zanzibar to Dar
200,000 shillings ($100): Tanzanian visa
240,000 shillings ($120): One night at Hotel Slipaway, incl breakfast

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