Wednesday, May 06, 2015

RaReva Ashey

Some days it feels like a dream.

Moana and I went out for a morning hike while Keola and Jeff went canoeing down the Zambezi. On the trail, we met a fellow named Moses who was training to be a guide.

Moses was a wise fellow, and explained all the different names of the trees and explained what they were good for. Some were great for kindling fires, others were good as “tree viagra.”

He was off to feed the bushbok; we decided to follow him.

Moses led us to a watering hole, where the guinea fowl would gather. Soon a flock of the polka-dotted, blue-faced fowl appeared. There were little chicks scurrying about over each other as they dined on their breakfast. They scurried around the watering hole. I tossed a few handfuls of feed, and they came scurrying about.

We spoke with Moses about his life and he told us of life in Zimbabwe. Of the traditional ways, and of the modern ways.

He told us about his wife, and his kids. He had three children, of which two were boys. Melvin and Kelvin. Kelvin's Shona name was “RaReva Ashey.” In Shona, that meant “what God wills.”

RaReva Ashey, RaReva Ashey, I kept repeating.

Moses told us of a family of warthogs, one of whom had been attacked. He had put salt water on its wounds, and they stopped festering. He nursed the pig back to health. The pig was friendly with him now, and would eat right out of his hand.

A group of tusked-warthogs came, and we fed them pellets we tossed. They forage on bended front legs, they tuck their front hoofs under to get lower. They are called the “African lawnmowers” for they way they kneel over and eat the grass. They were so close that we could see the large warts that give the hogs their names.

Eventually, the friendly warthhog came. He was smiling at Moses, you could see it on his piggy face. He went directly to Moses, and ate out of his hand.

I tried as well, and the little piggy ate out of my hand as well. I wasn't very good at feeding the warthog, he nipped at my finger a little and I dropped the pellets. But I was able to feed him correctly the second time, and he sucked up the pellets from my hand with a snort.

We bade Moses fare thee well, as we passed the pack of warthogs.

RaReva Ashey, I kept repeating.   

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