Sunday, May 24, 2015

Goodbye Zanzibar

I returned from my Paje paradise back to Zanzibar.  In the morning's light rain, a rainbow stretch far across the sky and blessed my journey.

I caught a taxi back as I needed to return for a meeting related to a bit of quixotic cultural diplomacy and connecting Taarab music with hip hop.

I settled back in to The Haven, and made my way along the island to a wonderful cafe called Boboo under a giant leafy green tree.

I sat in the afternoon winds, sipping lime juice with mint, soaking in the scene:

Pastel yellow and blue veil patterns fluttered on a woman in the distance in the ocean winds with the yellow black-polka-dotted dress flying like a dhow sail.  

Her friend's green and white zubaz hijab and dress sailed at equal knots.  

A woman in a pastel blue and soft white cotton dress looks on as her orange scarf flies like a flag pendant in the wind.

Old Zanzibari moorish building with small rounded crowns dot the seascape in fading glory.  The small waves lapped at the stone water's edge.  A lush green peninsula juts out just beyond.

I sip my sweet lime juice and get lost in the scene's beauty--eternally sad that my pen nor my lens can capture the infinite beauty before me.

The Moor's melancholy sigh, as I take the brackish ocean water into my nose and lunge, and listen to the winds in the surf.

I dined on wonderful king fish steak cooked in coconut curry sauce.  I picked at the meaty fish with warm chapati and dyed my hands green with curry.

It's safe to say that I have "gone native"; I am just not so sure of where I am native to.

I couldn't leave the beautiful scene so I ordered a cappuccino.  The winds caught the foam and sent the whip flying at me, to the waiter's wide-eyed terror.

"Hakuna matata," I said to the waiter.  Yes, hakuna matata really means "no worries" (for the rest of your days...)

I spent the rest of the day just meandering.

The same this morn, as I kill time before heading on.

After a wonderful vacation that offered exactly what I was looking for (space; time; peace), I depart the enigmatic spice island of Zanzibar.  Such a fascinating contrast of Arabian, Indian and African.

I head back by fast ferry to Dar es-Salaam.  VIP, but not of my choosing.  There were simply no other seats left.

From Dar to Zurich to Milano for the Expo.

Milano--the mecca of gastrodiplomacy, and I am a hajj.

Journey on!

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