Monday, May 11, 2015

African Nirvana

I have no internet access until 5/10.  I'm not sure if my head will explode with two days off the grid, or if I will find nirvana.  I will get back to you when I am back online.

-As was my away message that never got activated on account of a lack of internet.-

Finally a free day. A day left just to me. On the African Savannah. Sitting in an A-frame balcony on a thatched lodge.

I moment of stillness lets me think back to past dreams, like Rasta Romblon when I sat out in a hammock over Tofey's A-frame hut on the side of the mountain overlooking the sea.

I have lived dozens of lives, over hundreds of dreams, over thousands of days on the Road.

It is such a blessed rarity these crazy days when I get a day to myself, and I am in a place or state to appreciate it.

Africa gives me a lot of peace.

Amazingly, the city I have spent the most time in this year is Harare. I really love Zim. If things change, and they will, I could see myself living here.

I think I found nirvana. Nirvana is the giant widescreen African savanah as the sun sets, with my feet up on the wooden log rail as I take in the Zimbabwean wide screen over a gin & tonic.

Nirvana is watching the impala bounce past as the herd has its evening drink at the watering hole.

Nirvana is a pack of pachyderms saunter in from the jungle for a sip at the watering trough. From about 800 meters away, I could even hear them slurping over the chirping crickets.

African nirvana.

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