Saturday, March 07, 2015

Tilting at the Cape of Good Hope

Hello Dear Readers! Remember me? It is your favorite Public Diplomacy Knight Errant, Don Pablo Quixote!

Yes, I know I have not been in-touch much these days. Tilting at windmills has been a time-consuming endeavor of late.

As previously noted, I am presently in Cape Town. I have been recharging after some crazy tilts. Yesterday, I spent the afternoon lounging in the Company Gardens—an old vegetable patch of the Dutch East India Company turned into lovely public gardens. I had the distinct pleasure of giving a statue of Cecil Rhodes the finger.

Frankly, I have been exhausted. Even Don Pablo Quixote can get the blues when he is plum beat. But this public diplomacy knight errant is rallying over the Cape breeze and Cape red.

And getting to head to the “Pearl of Africa,” the lovely Uganda. Never been to East Africa, so I am excited to begin a new adventure. The new adventure begins monday with a raid on Entebbe.

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