Wednesday, March 25, 2015

the art of the possible

"Politics is the art of the possible."
-Otto von Bismark

If two years of Obama and a Dems majority got us Obamacare, which is f'ing great, imagine what could have been possible if the Teahad hadn't broke out.  A bunch of rich oligarchs flood the political scene with money and conduct a bait-and-switch on truth and sanity.

I got to imagining what the last 5 years could have been like if Obama had kept a majority in the House and Senate.  If he hadn't been shackled by the Tea Party ship of fools.  I had a real laugh that Sen. Ted Cruz, captain of said ship, signed up for Obamacare.


A big what-if, up there if President Gore had been in office the decade prior.  

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