Monday, March 09, 2015

Gilding The Pearl of Africa

Descending into Entebbe, the sun was setting a resplendent gold film across the top of Lake Victoria.

Across the golden lake to the West was Rawanda; to the East, was Kenya; behind me lay Tanzania.

We descended over the shimmering gold lake and over the verdant green fields with a sky made hazy by white smoke from fires in the fields.

We touched down on the hot tarmac, and I walked off the plane.  There were buses heading to the airport, but not enough space so a few of us just walked to the terminal.

I stopped on the tarmac to watch the fiery orb's orange extinction, and chuckled that the TSA would be having kittens if a passenger walked from a plane to the terminal, and then stopped to watch the sunset.

The sun's decline was heralded across the sky and the tarmac with a burnt orange glow, as the fiery orb eclipsed into the horizon.

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