Monday, January 26, 2015

Utrecht (II)

The next morning it was snowing a soft white.  A modest winter wonderland.  In the snow dusting, Marianna and I went wandering through the snowscape, with the frozen ponds and ducks and other birds walking on the frozen crust.

I got to really play with my camera--focusing in on little waterdrops hanging from the frozen trees.  The melting icedrops dripping from the branches gave the melting pond top a textured indentations like that of concrete.

In the resplendent noon sun, I sipped espresso off the shimmering canal.

Marianna and I made our way back to Moksi for lunch, and it was incredible.    I left it to Michael the chef to surprise us.

Out came plates of spiced curry chicken and lamb, Vibrant roasted peppers and aubergines  over rice, sate noodles and roti filled with chickpea flower.

Curry-stained yellow fingers were my delicious fate. Truly a confluence of worlds on my plate.  Curries and sumptuous spiced 

After an immaculate lunch, Marianna and I met her friends at a store that had a cafe and restaurant on the roof that gave a panorama view of the city.  I went out one door and took some pictures.  Then I noticed a longer roof top with a better view.  I opened the shut doors and walked out onto the roof, and shut the doors behind me.  I walked on the roof top, past people in their conference rooms as i shot pics of the best view of the city at sunset.

And it also got me a nice chat with Dutch security.  When I came back out through the door, a security woman beckoned me over.  She asked if I had just gone outside.  I said yes, and I pointed at my camera.  I told her that I had not seen a sign.  The security woman told me that I had tripped an alarm, and more security was coming.  I offered my apologies.

We sat and chatted a bit.  I told her of my work, and that I had just come from Senegal, and was on my way to Zimbabwe.  That is very cool, she said.  When the security guard arrived, she politely explained to him the situation, and that I had just walked out for a photo.  He nodded and grunted and left.  She wished me a good life and safe travels.  The Dutch are so understanding of photographic pursuits.  

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