Wednesday, December 03, 2014

RTW w/ Charlie

Honored to have crossed paths with Charlie in Samarkand, Uzbekistan and shared a night of drinking beer out azul tea cups:

Cyclist who wanted to see the world on the cheap finishes epic four-year journey after riding 43,000 miles through 61 countries - the equivalent of TWICE round the planet 

  • Charlie Walker, 27, cycled through three continents on his second-hand bike 'Old Geoff' despite 'not being a cyclist' 
  • He visited Arctic Circle, far east Asia and southern tip of Africa, after wanting to see world in a 'cheap and slow' way During trip, he was chased by elephants, arrested in China and had to run the gauntlet of a war zone in Mozambique 
  • Travel writer returned home last week to his home village of Bowerchalke, Wiltshire after 1,606 days on the road 
Here is the full article in the Daily Mail

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