Saturday, October 25, 2014

The Yugloslav Ambassador to Zimbabwe

As a taker of titles, real and imagined, I just added a new one: The Ambassador of Yugoslavia to Zimbabwe.

As I was passing through Harare, driving along signs for Embassies in the capital, I spied a sign for the Embassy of Yugoslavia.

Been a while since that Post was filled.

Hmm...given that I have been in Yugoslavia more recently than most Zimbabweans, I decided that perhaps I could take on the role of Ambassador.  At least I have the Yugoslav flag on my laptop, I figure that makes me a rarity in Harare.

So there it is.  Adding to my growing list of titles, I am taking on the Ambassadorship of Yugoslavia to Zimbabwe.  I figure it is probably a long vacant post.

I may have to kick some squatters out of the embassy residence, but it shouldn't be too hard.  No one is exactly expecting the Ambassador to return.

I would probably have to present my credentials to President Mugabe.  I think he might be a little puzzled by the exercise.  But a little rakija should smooth out the diplomatic formalities.

But I figure I have a better claim to most, given that I spent my summer in Yugoslavia, and I doubt many other in Zimbabwe could proffer the same.

I will add the title up there with Chief Rabbi of Lesotho and Tajikistan.

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