Saturday, October 25, 2014

By the rivers of Babylon...

I was chatting with my friend Omar.  Sarsamovich, if ever there was a good Jewish doctor.

Omar is an Iraqi Christian.  First, he was forced to flee Mosul.  Then he was forced to flee Iraq.

He is now safer in France, and I pray he stays there.

He once told me that after it was the Jews to flee Iraq, so next it will be the Christians. After Saturday, comes Sunday.

So true.

It is sad to think that he, and many more, had a better life under Saddam, but it is so.

There are deeper existential questions that plague Iraq.  First of which being: is it even a country.

Besides British deigns and designs, what does Mosul have in common with Basra beyond oil and the Tigris?

What did America know about invading Iraq?

By the rivers of Babylon, I wept for the mess we caused.

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