Saturday, August 02, 2014

These U.S. ‘diplomats’ wield fiddles and dance moves, not briefcases.

A good article on cultural diplomacy: These U.S. ‘diplomats’ wield fiddles and dance moves, not briefcases.

I worked with Prof. Hurley in Iraq, he is a real character; with Kyle Dillingham on the American Music Abroad tour, he is incredible; presently with Prof. Katz, who is a pioneer in hip hop diplomacy through the Next Level program, currently in Belgrade finishing up a hip hop academy that was pretty stellar--you can see the vids and pics on the NL FB page.

And to Prof. Rob Alboro: it isn't every day that I get to tell a professor that he doesn't have the slightest clue what he is talking about, and should probably do his homework before making vacuous statements :)


John Brown said...

Hi Paul -- Thank you for your elucidating reportage from Belgrade about U.S. cultural diplomacy in action. Glad you were, apparently, able to touch base with the media outlet B-92. Having been in Belgrade in the mid-90s as a American dip (I must confess it was not an easy time), it was good to hear that the city has become so attractive to foreigners interested in culture.

As for Prof. Albro -- whom I respect but whose articles perhaps reflect the Ivory Tower's distance/ignorance of what cultural diplomacy is like "on the ground" (call it "over-theoritizing" on the part of academics who don't practice what they sometimes preach), I found his latest piece about the new social media certainly worth reading. It had a refreshing, slightly humanistic, rather than mind-numbing anthropological/social science, slant to it. My GU grad students and I shared thoughts about its insights at considerable length.

Best, and thank you for all you are doing for our country (and enjoying it at the same time!).

Paul Rockower said...

Добро вече Професор Бровн. Yes, the city has changed much since your time here. And you are ever the diplomat....