Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Staying Put in Athens

Last year, when I was on my sabbatical in Paris I planned to stay for a month in the city of lights and then go on the road through Belgium, Holland and Germany for the next month.  But something strange happened.  I loved Paris so much after a week that I couldn't bear the thought of leaving after a month.  I liked my little studio in the servants quarters, and the city surrounding it that brought so many questions to the fore, so I planted roots. I scrapped my peripatetic plans, and signed on for another month in fair Paris.

It was the right decision then, as my time in Paris was one of the most meaningful periods of my life.  I got to do the reading, writing and thinking that I had been craving, and I made a wonderful network of friends that became so dear to me.

Nearly a year later, the same phenomenon has happened.  I had planned on staying in Athens for approximate 10 days, then I was going to go backpacking around the islands.  But after so many days on the road, and finding my first place to call my own since Paris, I suddenly had the idea that I wanted to stay put.  The prospect of island-hopping in the high tourist season just didn't feel appealing, and I liked having my own small place to cook lentils, sip red wine and call my own as I adventured in Athens.

So for the second strange time, I have decided to stay put.  It is quite contrary to my itinerant nature, but it feels right.  So I am now spending a third week in Athens, and will venture out to the areas in Attica to do some exploring closer to home.

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