Thursday, August 07, 2014

Bye Bye Belgrade; Hello Athens

Dear Serbia, хвала (thanks) for all the fun, warmth and charm. 

When I was living in Paris last summer, my friend David Grave  raved about how much he loved the Balkans. I see why. 

Serbia has been utterly incredible for its food, culture, ridic night life, and most importantly--wonderful people. 
It has been a real gem of a surprise, and I would put Belgrade high on my top ten list of cities (no. 7), not a compliment I take or make lightly. 

This Odysseus is off now to sail the wine-dark seas of Greece for some much-earned vacay. Closing down the virtual office for a week while I go live in Athens to drink ouzo, eat gooey baklava and sip black Greek coffee. 

Then re-booting the virtual office at the Acropolis and a lil island-hopping; I wonder if the triremes have wi-fi.
ευχαριστίες (thanks) for the suggestion Justin Goldner, who planted such ideas in Rio in what already feels like a lifetime age. 

As always, journey on.

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