Saturday, August 02, 2014

Belgrade Morning

From a barge on the Danube, where I spent dancing the night away to the percussive techno beat, I stared at the bridge lights reflecting in the river water.  The pastel shade that lit the bridge cast a pastel glance in the water; the lamp posts shimmered a dance to the beat.  I sat from my vantage point, chatting and leaning back over the turgid, turbid river.  I chatted with a beautiful blond Serbian girl, who was stunning and yet was still trying to find comfort in her beauty--perhaps so much so, she did radio.  I chatted with a Serbian television producer of the biggest shows in the country. I chatted with a traditional fokloric dancer of Serbian dance.  And I chatted most so with the ever wise Anshul, who always makes me think.

We watched the sky turn light blue, and we set out on our trek back.  I watched the morning mist cloud the beautiful church steeple, as the night light peered out.  In the slow river, a boat and its lights reflected in the crystal morning river.

I spoke of my last sunrise in Calcutta, on a boat floating slowly across the Houghly River.   I spoke of a tree where I found peace, if not a minor enlightenment as fleeting as it can be. And I spoke of traveling on my own, and learning to trust myself and my instincts.

You are lucky you get to travel, they said. I am.

I could only offer Gandhi in that my life is my message.  And then I started spinning projects.  The beautiful Serbian hostess; the tv producer; the folkloric Serbian dancer; Anshul the videographer.  I walked backwards across the quiet bridge as I pulled ideas out.  I helped them pull the pieces together for a good project to get them to India:

A television documentary on introducing traditional Serbian music and dance to India.  And all the fun of introducing India to Serbia through culture, music, dance and food.  Indians would love rakije, and Serbian music and dance.  I could sketch it, and it would be fun and fascinating. But it isn't my project to propose.  I can only leave ideas to be played out.

And I need to get some rest on my rest day, so this tale comes to an end.  We shall see if anyone wants to play with my ideas, all I can do is offer them.

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