Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Belgrade Beauty

As I sit in my palatial room bedecked with gold trim in the Rezime Crown, and the sound of the street symphony's scherzos filters through my large open windows with orange lace veils, all I can think of is how much I love Belgrade.   This is truly a grand city--one that I have fallen completely in love with.

I would put Belgrade on my top ten list of cities worldwide.  Probably around number 6 or 7.  That is how highly I think of the place.  But it is truly a wonderful city, with warm, wonderful people, terrific food and some real culture.

And the girls are some of the hottest in the world. Like really, I think Belgrade may win for the shear number of ridiculously hot girls around.  Tough to nudge Istanbul, Paris or Rio, but it is uncanny.

I with I had more bandwidth to be writing about all that has been going on.  It strikes me as sad that when I am doing the most meaningful, wonderful work, I have the least time to write about it.  So it goes.

But in short, I am good.  I am grand.  And I really love Belgrade.


Anonymous said...

What are your top 5/6 cities before Belgrade?

Paul Rockower said...

1) Rio
2) Cape Town
3) Paris
4) Istanbul
5) Calcutta
6) Paris
7) Belgrade
8) Mexico City
9) Prague
10) Kuala Lumpur

Paul Rockower said...

and I have Paris on there twice...

6)Mexico City
7) Belgrade
8) Amsterdam
9) Prague
10) Tie: Kuala Lumpur/Panama

Anonymous said...

Yeah I miss Belgrade a lot! Was there earlier this year... didn't want to leave. Found a great little bar bar though, Monk's place near the Tesla Museum. Sat there for hours just chilling out with pints of Staropramen. Such a laid back city and relaxing. Enjoy!