Friday, June 20, 2014

Updates, near and far

Dear blog, I miss you!

I wouldn't even know where to begin for an update.  Things have been crazy, and I have been busy.

Where to start?  Dunno.  Calcutta?  Isla Margarita in Venezuela?  Looking forward to a long flight down to Brazil so I can update on all the past adventures. In the meantime:

Next Level Update:

For starters, we launched the new Next Level site:  Big thanks to Peter Tran of Mice and Pen for his great work!

Also, DJ2Tone Jones and I were at the American Security Project to give an interview podcast on hip hop cultural diplomacy to India through the Next Level program.  Big thanks to Matthew Wallin for setting it up.

And a great article in the Indian site Business Economics from NL Team India MC Purple on the power of hip hop to empower communities.

Levantine PD Update:

I head off next week for a program I organized with the US Embassy in Brazil to send American Music Abroad alumni ensembles The Clinton Curtis Band and Della Mae to the Samba Nation for some cultural diplomacy programs in conjunction with the World Cup and July 4th celebrations.  The Dellas and the Clintonistas met in Turkmenstan for U.S. Cultural Days while I was with the Dellas on their AMA tour.

The Clinton Curtis Band is off to Vitória, Recife and Brasilia to share their rock, blues and roots music. The Clinton Curtis Band is going to have a great time collaborating on Brazilian styles of Congo, Frevo and other music traditions.

After a grand tour on the American Music Abroad program through the Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Honduras, the Clintonistas should have a grand time rocking Brazil.

Meanwhile, this public diplomacy knight errant will be escorting the Dulcinea Dellas through Curitiba, Porto Alegre, Campo Grande and Sao Paulo.

Both bands will get a lil vacay in Rio after the tour is done.

I hope to have enough time to update about both tours while I am on the road.

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