Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Perceptions of meddling

When my sister broke up with her college boyfriend, it became official when she changed her facebook status to "single."  My father (who I am not Facebook friends with- perhaps for such reasons) chimed in this change of status with a "like."  He thought he was being supportive of his daughter; she went apoplectic at his admission that he was happy to see her be rid of the boy.

 I share the above story in the context of Venezuela, and the coup that took place against Hugo Chavez in 2002- something I blogged about when he passed away. I will be lazy and simply repost that post:
There is a wonderful irony between Chavez and Castro when it comes to the role of U.S. intervention into their own actions. 
Years ago, a young Fidel was in Washington to reassure America that his regime was taking a third way. And he kinda was, until the Bay of Pigs invasion. With his regime threatened, he went squarely into the Soviet camp, and the rest is history ("I got hit with a guided muscle"). 
More recently, Chavez was elected also promising a third way. He was not a firebrand, but used rhetoric more like Tony Blair. There are pics of him shaking hands with one President Clinton. Then there was the 2002 coup against Chavez, and the Bushies recognized the plotters way too quick. Chavez was never the same. After that, he became the Leftist firebrand that he was forever known for.
I won't miss Chavez, I thought he was a putz at best. I think he royally screwed Venezuela, perhaps for years to come. I called him a hijo de puta when he was 20ft from me on live Argentine tv. His security was not pleased.
But I also recognize the role our meddling has played in shaping the adversaries we face.


Abba said...

Are you comparing me to Castro and Chavez?

Paul Rockower said...

A Dadocracy is a dictatorship!