Monday, May 05, 2014

Hulaing while Caracas Burns

About one year ago, I was supposed to take Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar legends Keola Beamer and Jeff Peterson, with Hula Master Moanalani Beamer to Venezuela on an American Music Abroad tour.

Unfortunately, we had the misfortune of heading south just days after the contested Presidential election, and the country was up in flames.

Instead, we went into exile in Baltimore, and on to Brazil early.

Today, we had south for a second attempt, and I am honored to accompany Keola, Moana and Jeff- the truest Ambassadors of Aloha.

I wish I could say that things have sorted themselves out in Venezuela, but they haven't. But there is believed to be enough space that we can conduct this cultural exchange and share the spirit of Aloha.

Aloha, as I have learned from my Hawaiian friends, is the spirit of love, compassion and peace. Venezuela needs a lot more aloha these days, and we can hope to share just a bit.

And as I learned in Sarajevo, the show must go on. So, the show must go on.

Journey on.

Fight on.

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