Monday, May 05, 2014

As the world turns

I was checking in to Copa Airlines for my first leg to Panama and on to Venezuela.  The woman behind the counter got wide-eyed when she looked at my itinerary.

Panama to Venezuela to Germany to India to Dubai to the US.

I gave my Paul shpiel and explained what I was doing.

She called over her colleague and pointed to the screen.  Her eyes widened as well.  They started talking in Spanish, then looked at me.



So I explained to her and the rest what it is that I do.

(in Spanish)

Do you need anyone to work for you?

I could use some dancers.

How do we apply? 

You are applying. (Esta aplicando)

You are the boss?

Soy el jefe.

I laughed at that.

I cleared security and went to the bar.  The woman next to me asked me to watch her phone while she went to the bathroom.  When she returned, we got to talking.

-What do you do?

-Insert Paul spiel

-Wow, that is not what I pegged you for.

-What did you peg me for?

-An accountant.

No, I am definitely not an accountant.

And so my world turns in perpetual transit.

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