Monday, May 26, 2014

A night off

After a very long time, I finally had a night off.

I walked down the side of the busy road, and stopped to have dinner under a tarp held up by bamboo sticks.  A woman and child slept silently in the corner.

I picked at the sticky clumps of rice and poured over the dal lentil stew.  I mixed it in my hands with red onion, stewed okra and mango pickle.

The fellow sitting next to me tossed half a chapati to a hungry stray.  I added to the feast by tossing dal rice balls for the meal.

I am used to the gentle stares and I like them.  But what I like more is when the staring stops and people get back to eating because I am not eating any differently than they are.

And because I am not as interesting as a silver plate of dal and rice.

A soft rain began to fall.  In India, rain is always a blessing.

But getting rained on is how you get sick.  It is known.


Ygritte said...

You know nothing

Paul Rockower said...

So true.