Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What the World Costs- Bosnia; What the World Costs- Serbia

Free: 90 minute walking tour around the city
1 konvertable mark (km) (71cents) : potato borek pastry; bottle of water
1.5 kmarks ($1.06): espresso at Cafe Giovanni; bottle of sparkling water
2 km ($1.41): a can of Uludag gazoz Turkish soda; 5ml glass of slivovic (plum brandy)
2.5km ($1.77): a 200ml bottle of coke
3 km ($2.12): a shot of vilijamovka (pear brandy); a small chicken doner kebab; large carrot-orange juice
4km ($2.82): portion of meat borek; a shot of travarica rakija; bowl of begoga corba (Bosnian chicken soup)
4.5 km ($3.18): a plate of Ćevapčić (small Balkan beef sausages) in lepenja (Bosnian pita) w/ onions & ajvar
5 km ($3.53): a bowl of gulash; ticket to National History Museum
6km ($4.24): a plate of Ćevapi (larger Balkan beef sausages) w/ accouterments; 10 minute cab ride in Sarejevo
10km ($7.06): entrance into the Galareji 11/07/1995
20km ($14.12): a dish of Bosnian comfort foods including dolma, meatballs, stewed lamb & mashed potatoes, mixed salad and a glass of wine
30km ($21.18): taxi from airport to the city; one night private room at Hostal Tito
163 km ($115.09): one night at Hotel Europe, including breakfast

40 Serbian Dinars (48 cents): bus card
50 dinars (60 cents): Yugoslavia button; pack of gum; portion of mixed salted nuts
60 dinars (72 cents): bottle of still water
70 dinars (84 cents): bottle of sparkling water; bus ride
73 dinars (87 cents): trolley bus ride
100 dinars ($1.20): small order of french fries
110 dinars ($1.32): espresso
120 dinars ($143): bottle of Sommersby hard cider at fastfood joint
130 dinars ($1.55): 100 grams of lil fried fish
150 dinars ($1.79): 40 minute bus ride to Tesla Airport
190 dinars ($2.27): shot of slivovic
200 dinars ($2.39): entry to Tito Mausoleum & Museum of Yugoslavia; pljeskavica (Balkan burger)
230 dinars ($2.75): dunja cocktail at Ok, no bar
270 dinars ($3.23): grilled chicken breast
290 dinars ($3.47): glass of dunja- quince brandy
360 dinars ($4.30): mojito
400 dinars ($4.78): laundry to wash a purple sweatshirt
450 dinars ($5.38): journal at Tito Mausoleum gift shop; take-out box of stir-fried veggies at Asian restaurant
990 dinars ($11.84): chicken and pepper casserole at ? Kafana
1170 dinars ($14): 1 night at 360 Hostel
1950 dinars ($23.31): 3 course dinner in Skadarlije including drinks
11,616 dinars ($138): one night at hotel, breakfast included 

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