Sunday, April 20, 2014

Geography Double Dribble

I was hanging with my Belgrade b-boy friends in the park, drinking vinjak (wine brandy) as we pre-gamed for a night out at the clubs.

Rollin' with the b-boys of Belgrade. Belgrade has one of the best club scenes in Europe. Who knew? I do now.

We were chatting for a while, and they said to me: you are the first American we have met who actually knows history and geography.  Most Americans usually are something like the examples when they are asked to place European countries on the map.

I just laughed, and said I get that a lot.

Then I threw it back at them, and asked how well they know American geography.  Could you find Iowa or Ohio on a map?  They laughed, and said no.  Just Texas and California, and maybe New York.

Then they said something very interesting: but we know the cities very well.  We know Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Orlando.  We know all this from the NBA.  Yep, American geography through basketball.  God bless Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Shaq for teaching the rest of the world American civic geography.

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