Friday, April 11, 2014

Chasing Balkan Ghosts

Off to Sarajevo, to warn the Duke before the Black Hand Strikes!

And to chase down some Balkan ghosts.

The ghosts of Apis, the man who helped tear Serbia apart with his Game of Thrones scheming and pushed Serb irredentism through The Black Hand that would sleepwalk Europe in the July Crisis and Great War.

The ghosts of Tito, who held Yugoslavia together.

The ghosts of Milosevic and Franjo Tudman, who would tear the country apart.

The ghosts of Miladic and Kardzic, the Butchers of Bosnia who turned Srebrenica into a killing field and gave Europe its worst genocide in generations.  I plan to go pay my respects to Bosnia's dead.

The ghosts of Richard Holbrooke, who with his able and insufferable ways helped end the Balkan wars.

In short, I am excited.  I have ten days of both adventure and work (pre-planning for hip hop diplomacy with the US Embassies in Bosnia and Serbia) to explore some Balkan terrain both unknown to me and seared in my memory as a teen starting to pay attention to the ways of the world.

As always, journey on!


Anonymous said...

Seems you are unaware of Naser Oric and the 28th Brigade in Srebrenica and the fact that they had killed thousands of Serbs in 1992-95. This commander was even bragging and showing video tapes with scenes of massacres he committed on Serbs and burnt out homes all around Srebrenica.
Two western journalists, John Pomfret of the Washington Post, and Bill Schiller, of the Toronto Star, witnessed this in January 1994 when they went to meet him at his home in Srebrenica.

Also, that HUGE Brigade, several times larger than the Serbian forces in the area, WALKED OUT THE DAY/NIGHT BEFORE Srebrenica "fell".

It was a planned and arranged "fall". Srebrenica soldiers, settled in St. Louis, Missouri, after the war are quoted describing the fall.
One says it was the Brigade commander and UN which ORDERED them off their "strong defenses all around Srebrenica" the day before.

The was no way the smaller Serbian forces could take that larger army in the defensive position. Plus there was not even any fighting when they were called off their positions.

So, the army and thousands of other men, left Srebrenica the eve of the fall. The UN officers witnessed this from the north. For it was in the north that the Srebrenica soldiers were ordered to, and from there they left north by northwest for Tuzla.
The UN Srebrenica report has estimates of over 15,000 men leaving.
The UN stations in the north were fully intact during the fall and afterwards. The Serbs did not touch them.

Also, the Bosnian soldiers who died THROUGHOUT the whole war are dug up and claimed to have been killed during a 3-day period. They also include those who died on other fronts and even list people who were never in Srebrenica.

In other words, they are cheated on a large scale and distorting what happened.

If anyone really wanted the truth they would demand all the Bosnian Muslim military records.

Anonymous said...

You are also ignorant of Alija Izetbegovic who was a pro-Nazi youth during WWII.
He also wrote a book called "Islamic Declarations" and said that Muslims couldn't co-exist/share within a state with others.
He was also seeking help from Islamic countries and even terrorist groups for an independent Muslim Bosnia in the early 1980's. For this he and several other Islamists were jailed. He only served 5 or 6 years of a 13 year sentence and once out formed a political party which took Bosnia to war.

He even stated he would sacrifice peace for independence.
He did initially need Croatia's help for his chief target: Serbs, so he invited the Croatian army into Bosnia even before the war officially began.
Croatia had 40,000 troops stationed in Bosnia throughout the war. It was an open secret among foreign personnel (UN, etc) serving there.

The Bosniaks and Croats also convened secretly at midnight for the "independence" vote.

Wanting "independence" while 1/3 of the country strongly didn't want it and wasn't prepared and didn't have rights protected was a recipe for war.

The first war crime in Bosnia was the massacre of Serbs in Sijekovac on 26. March 1992. The dead were all civilians, including several children, and even a Bosniak judge from Tuzla had to admit they were Serbs. It was an attack by BOTH Croats and Bosnian Muslims. The Bosnian Muslims had also been training and participating in Croatia's war. They were preparing in advance.

Paul Rockower said...

If you want to "inform" me of anything, don't bother posting anonymously. Spare me your talking points. I do know all sides were total dicks and committed atrocities, including the Bosniaks. I surely don't blame the Serbs alone. But spare me your revisionism posted anonymously, and especially trying to whitewash Srebrenica. I work in public diplomacy- I know propaganda talking points when I see them.