Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Selfies with Homeless People

My friend Jason Feifer is becoming (in)famous for his "Selfies" tumblr.  He did a few previous that went viral on Selfies in Serious Places and Selfies at Funerals-- the latter got a bit of help from the president at the Mandela funeral.

Well, he is at it again, and just released Selfies with Homeless People.  Thanks to some keen advice from his wife, Jason linked the Selfies with Homeless People with a tag line: Angry: May we suggest donating to City Harvest, Habitat for Humanity, or any other fine organization that helps the homeless.  Smart move--lest he be seen to be just as exploitative, and giving the project a higher goal.

Jason's project earned him a bit of media, including a piece today in USA Today.

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