Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Hot Valentine's Date with Zoe Barnes; the Frank Underwood of Tech Support

I had planned on a hot Valentine's date with Zoe Barnes, and was intent on watching the new season of House of Cards.

I re-signed up for Netflix, which I had been without for about 4 years to do so.  Good idea, except the f'ing video wouldn't sync with the audio. It would be fine for a 20 seconds, then the video would slow down and not match the audio.  I tried different browsers.  I tried re-setting the computer, the modem and router

Then I tried to troubleshoot it with the Netflix tech support, except the fellow named Robert couldn't tell me anything other than it was to turn everything back on and off, and blamed my ISP (Internet Service Provider).  I got annoyed that he was so inept at troubleshooting beyond something my grandfather would do with his computer to fix it so I sarcastically said thanks for the help and gave him an unsatisfactory report.


Suddenly, my netflix account was in Norwegian.  And for kids only! He changed the language on my account, and changed the settings to a setting for children.

And my Netflix account was CANCELLED after this month!

I was dealing with the Frank Underwood of the Tech Support world and I had no idea!

Thankfully, google chrome translated the Norwegian, and I was able to get it back to English.

Dealing with Netflix in Norwegian already gives me more exposure to Norway than the new US Ambassador to Norway!

Next I figured out how to reset my settings to adult.

It probably took me a solid 45 minutes to correct all the shenanigans done to my account.

Given such service, I don't think I will try to change the cancellation of my service.

But I at least took the time to tweet it all to @netflix and ask if it is standard procedure to change language profiles to Norweigian and settings to KID and cancel subscriptions when unhelpful tech support are given unsatisfactory reviews.

They haven't responded.

PS: I fixed the f'ing problem on my own. Just had to turn off the HD. Found it on message boards from SCORES of people having the same issue. Maybe I should join the Netflix Norway help desk. (I already offered them my services on twitter).  Kinda crazy that this person on tech support couldn't diagnose the problem, when it only took me a bit of time to find the answer for a common problem for Netflix users.

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