Friday, January 24, 2014

Charm City

I had been in the DC burbs for almost three weeks, and felt the urge to get out.  It hit me like a surge on thursday, and I decided I needed to escape for the weekend.  Needing some place cheap and easy, I decided on Baltimore for the weekend.  I had been curious to see the American Visionary Art Museum- an eccentric museum  of folk art including artwork designed by prisoners.  It is supposed to be fascinating.  

After a lovely lunch of Peruvian cuisine with the PD div of the Peruvian Embassy, and a great chat about Peru's public diplomacy and gastrodiplomacy, I headed over to Union Station and caught the afternoon MARC train up to Baltimore's Penn Station.  Only $7, not like the $68 stupidity tax I had to pay the last time I caught the Acela instead.

I arrived to the city and hoofed over to Mulberry Street to the hostel.  I was already in the system, and I chatted with the check-in lady.  As I was leaving, I told her I had written a nice piece about Baltimore, and gave kudos to the hostel.  When I told her the title of the piece, "Charmed by Charm City," she recognized it. She said the management had printed it out and distributed it to the staff.  All I could do was smile.   

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