Tuesday, January 07, 2014

4 bday qs

Drum roll please for the vaunted 4 birthday questions:

1) Birthday Dinner: Still deciding between Edward Murrow and Edward Snowden.

2) Best bday ever: Given the polar vortex, I am simply going to pick a warm one: 30th on the beach of El Tunco in El Salvador- just off the mangrove swamps.

3) Last year: I was in polar vortex Boston, and i don't think it was much warmer than here. Harry was in town, and we went for falafel at Rami's in Brookline, then over to the top of the Pru to drink arbor gold before heading over to Chinatown for scalp massages. The night finished with a candlepin bowling party with friends from many random places.

4) Next year: in Milan, ahead of the Milan Expo 2015 on gastrodiplomacy, offering gastrodiplo consulting and otherwise. Thanks everyone for the wonderful bday wishes from the four corners of the globe!

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