Monday, December 30, 2013

What the World Costs- Mexico (III)

2 pesos (15cents): one egg in the market
3 pesos (23cents): ticket for the metro (when I arrived); 1 large yellow onion
4 pesos (31cents): 10 fresh tortillas
5 pesos (39 cents): avocado; 1 taco guisado; ticket for the metro (after price increase while I was here)
6 pesos (48cents): DF bus fare
7 pesos (56cents): small can of salsa verde
8 pesos (61cents): cup of coffee on the street
9 pesos (69 cents): taco de lengua (cow tongue taco); vampiro (beet, carrot and orange juice in a baggy)
10 pesos (77 cents): taco de cabeza de rez (cow face taco)
11.5 pesos (88cents):  bottle of Indio beer at the store
12 pesos (92cents) : tlacoyo (blue corn quesadilla); taco de bistek
13 pesos (one dollar): cup of coffee at Oxxo convenience store
14.5 pesos ($1.12): 16 onzas can of Tecate
18 pesos ($1.38): glass of pulque (fermented maguay cactus)
20 pesos ($1.54): entrance to Museo de Arte Virreal Casa Humbolt; beer at a street bar in DF; sope on the street
24 pesos ($1.85): small cup of coffee at Starbucks
25 pesos ($1,92): michelada (beer with spices); entrance to the Museuo de la Revolucion
26 pesos: (2 dollars) double espresso at Cafe de Carlo
30 pesos ($2.31): torta; cappuccino at Cafe Toscano
35 pesos ($2.69): Bohemia beer at the top-floor bar at the Centro Cultural de Espana
36 pesos ($2.77): mandarin-strawberry juice in fancy Polanco taquieria
37 pesos ($2.85): bag of granola
50 pesos ($3.85): birria (spicy goat soup); ticket to the Mirador (lookout) at the Monument Revolucion Mexicano, and subterranean explanation exhibit
55 pesos ($4.23): six-pack of Pacifico at the grocery store; One shot of mezcal (for sipping) at Mezcalaria Vulgar
57 pesos ($4.38): movie ticket to The Hobbit
60 pesos ($4.62): a tumbler of Calzadores Reposado tequila at Opera bar
135 pesos ($10.38): silver necklace
154 pesos ($11.85): an artisanal pint at Fiebre de Malta
170 pesos ($13.08): one night at Mexico City Hostel, including breakfast
185 pesos ($14.23): 3 hour bus to Taxco
210 pesos ($16.15): statue of Don Quixote
700 pesos $53.85): stupidity tax and bribe for losing my emigration card
2,860 pesos ($220): 3 weeks rent in Colonia Juarez
8,762 pesos ($674): roundtrip flight to Mexico City (6,500 pesos covered in voucher)

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