Tuesday, December 17, 2013


A Madame Sherry Turkle took a curmudgeonly swipe at selfie yesterday.  Not that I particularly care for smartphone or selfies, but I think her reasoning was rather bunk.

My friend Jason counters, defending those newfangled contraptions that are the bane of our modern existence by making us existentially weak, lonely and isolated- except when they don't. I blast my phonograph in salute to you, Monsieur Feifer.

My feeling on all of this is that these contraptions (Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc) are just neutral tools. They won't make you smarter or dumber, more isolated or connected, happier or sadder, in their own right. They are simply tools that have the capacity for connection and information, or distraction, depending on how you engage with these tools.  It is cheap techno-fear mongering to ascribe more value to the tools than they are really worth. 

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