Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Regal Rhea

My grandmother Rhea Rockower passed away today in her sleep.  She was 95 (we think- that was always a subject of debate and contention), and had been suffering from Alzheimer's and dementia for some time. She had not exactly been lucid for some time, so I hope she find peace and clarity in her passing that she had lost in those final years.  So I write to celebrate her life, not mourn her death

My grandmother was a kind spirit, with a vivacious charm.  I will never forget her remark after having a heart attack: "I don't get heart attacks, I give them."

She was always dignified, especially in pictures with her head tilted sideways as she liked to do.  She was a warm and loving soul, and I used to visit her a lot in Philly and in Boca Raton.  I can remember many a morning drinking fresh-squeezed orange juice from the Bloods orchard in her Boca kitchen.  We used to talk a bit of politics, although the only thing we ever agreed on was about Israel (not that we would agree today). She used to smile when she would tell me in Russian that she loved me.

So I write to remember the life of my grandmother Rhea (Bub, to me) and the years I got to spend with her. She is of blessed memory.

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