Sunday, December 15, 2013

¿qué chingada está haciendo el gringo en el techo?

Or "What the f' is the gringo doing on the roof?" That would be my aventura del dia.

I was languishing a bit in a Sunday of ennui when I walked into my apartment- into pools of water coming down from the roof. So I walked up a floor to see what was going on.

 Apparently, it was coming down above from the roof through the neighbor above's apartment. On the roof, there was a pipe that had come disconnected from a water tanks.

 So I scaled the bricks up the roof and down the narrow brick path to the pouring pipe, while alternately screaming for the dog below me to shut up in Spanish, and whistling Kol ha-olum kulo gesher tsar ma'od ("the whole world is a narrow bridge, you mustn't be afraid to cross it.")

Like something out of the movie Armageddon, I managed to reconnect the pipe to the water container without falling off the narrow precipice, and slowly scaled back down.

I gave two lil Mayan-looking girls that were watching the events some hi-fives.

I am celebrating my handiwork with a cerveza.  For me, the most dangerous thing to my mental health is boredom; nothing like a lil' adventure to restore this Musketeer to his smiling state.

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