Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Tales of a PD Roadie

Fitting that I would end up a Roadie given that I spend so much of my life on the road...

After a wonderful concert at Soka University, we packed up early the next morning to make the drive to Phoenix.  We drove over to the airport, and unloaded the luggage on the curb with Moana as we switched vehicles.  We then repacked and headed off on the road.  It was a much better idea.

We drive off through city sprawl and mountains of southern California, and on through the Palm Desert.  As we hit the Palm Desert, we came upon fields and fields of windmills, and Don Pablo Quijote knew that the right choice had been made.  Lines of the three-armed giants in rows flanked the road and towered high above on mountain tops.  I contained my desire to go tilting.

The rugged landscape of the desert was beautiful, and haze hung over the valleys we passed.  We caught the Ten and drove on through the desiccated scrub.  Perhaps owing to my Hebraic roots, I love the desert and the empty peace it offers.  We drove on through as the California desert gave way to the Arizona desert.  The desert hue became more red, and the landscape became littered with cacti.  The spiky figures towered high across the dry plains.  The road sped by with a speed limit at 75 mph.  I passed the sign for Maricopa County, gave it a cactus finger.

The long and winding road took approximately 6 hours, as drove past Phoenix to just outside the city to the Hermosa Inn in Scottsdale.  We arrived to a gorgeous luxury boutique resort of Southwestern style, where we would sojourn for the next four days.  I must have done something right in a former life because I don't deserve such luxury.  The place was filled with beautiful gardens and statues.  I had my own deluxe southwest style room.  I was greeted in my room with a plate filled with stinky cheeses, flatbreads, fresh honey and raspberries.

We relaxed a bit, then the hotel had a wine reception for Keola and Moana outside the main lodge.  There was a Hawaiian music performer and Hawaiian dancing.  After the demonstration, we headed in to the lovely library for a four-course meal and an intimate salon-style discussion with Keola and Moana.  After the courses and wines were done, Keola and Moana gave a nice chat about the spirit of Aloha and performed a song called "The Green Rose Hula," which the audience loved.

Yesterday we had a free day, and we headed on to the Desert Botanical Gardens to meet Keola's half-brother and his family.  We entered past some radiant, beautiful Chohuli glass cacti that had recently been installed, then had a nice lunch in the cafe and wandered around the cacti gardens and southwest botany-filled landscape complete with rabbits, butterflies and quails.  We came back to the inn, and had a lovely dinner next to a mesquite-burning wood fire place, before a small storm washed the desert down.   


John Brown said...

Paul -- Bravo, another intriguing entry (distant echoes of on The Road) ... hope all your wanderlust will result in a book soonest. Best, John

Paul Rockower said...

Merci. One of these days...maybe I will start on it when the tour is done and I get to Hawaii...