Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sharing Aloha

With Aloha.

As I have come to learn, the essence of Aloha is that calabash that holds the light of your soul. That ephemeral light can become darkened by stones of jealousy, greed and anger. But if we share our Aloha, which is the spirit of compassion, truth and love, we can help make that divine light burn brighter. I think the Jewish notion is that of Tikkun O'lam, repairing the divine sparks that light the world.

There was a big rainbow that stretched across the Straits of Maui. A bright burning mound of rainbow that is now long gone. But such signs always auger well for this knight-errant.

 Mahalo Keola and Moanalani for sharing Aloha with me.

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