Saturday, November 09, 2013

Of interest

-On Media Matters, the Liberal Attack Machine that eviscerated 60 Minutes on the Benghazi report.  Kudos to Hilary Tone, a friend and MPD alum who is an Asst. Editor for MMA.

-On why Muslims should appreciate secularism

-Under the Banner of Equality: a Senate bill fighting discrimination against Gays gets Mormon support.  Praise Moroni!

-Vive Catalonia! I will help you do pd, cultural diplomacy and gastrodiplomacy if you promise to put Dalí on your money and have a Gaudi-esque Parliament.

-The Gatekeepers: not all of Israel's top security brass are as apoplectic about the prospect of an Iranian nuclear deal as Bibi.  Some wiser heads even support it.

-A sad reminder of how nuts gun supporters can be when faced with the slightest dissent, even from fellow supporters.  Would it be trite to say: "just shoot me, please"?

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