Friday, November 22, 2013


The flag is flying at half mast outside the post office, and I am curious if that is to mark the 50th assassination of JFK.

I am also curious at the moment of the Soviet Union's reaction to his death.  What did they make of it?  What was the discussion in Moscow?  Did they already know it was going to happen?  "I'm just a patsy," remember.  Hmm...I would be so curious to see the historical records of conversations from that day from the Soviet Union.  I'm so curious of what would even be available.

I got a bit of an answer: this is former KGB super-spy Oleg Kalugin on the Soviets' likelihood of being behind it:
ABCNEWS: At the time of the assassination, the Soviet Union and the United States were enemies. Would the Soviets have had a reason to kill the president of the United States? 
Kalugin: No, that is just absolutely absurd. First of all, to kill the president of the United States is tantamount to a declaration of war. And back then we did not practice the assassination of foreign leaders — I mean of Western nations. We would probably have loved to have killed Tito of Yugoslavia, but he was a maverick in the Communist movement who betrayed our ranks, and for that reason was targeted for assassination. Stalin wanted to get rid of him and he ordered the KGB to find ways to have him killed. Well, it failed. 
And other peals from Kalugin on KGB views of Oswald. спасибо Джон Браун

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