Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Hawaiian Benedictions

I spend my days in work, meditation and yoga on my sunset-deck-turned-hermitage that looks out high over the Pacific.

The friar consists on coconut water with the little white pulp of tender young coconuts

And little Japanese bowls of dried fruits and nuts.

Desiccated grapes cherries and cranberries, along with dry almonds and walnuts.

The cross breeze crosses me, and turns the creme fan slowly above the creme ceiling.

The Spirit of Aloha fills me,

The Hawaiian muse, no less.

In a soft island voice with a bouncing ukulele flea filling my ears.

And all is green palm and blue sea in front of me.

With rugged mountains covered in grey haze and white clouds.

O ka pono ke hana 'ia a iho mai na lani.

"Blessing come to those who persist in doing good."

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