Saturday, October 19, 2013

America's problem children

So apparently the Saudis threw a temper tantrum and quit the UN Security Council after they were named to it-- something they had been lobbying hard for.  Good.  The Saudis can go piss in the desert for all I care.

They are furious the U.S. didn't bomb Syria at their behest, and have been trying to engage diplomatically with Iran.

You know who else is not happy?  Bibi. He can go piss on a cactus.

That's right, when a bunch of desert sheikhs and Likudnik princes are angry, you are probably doing something right and in the right direction.

The Likud Party and the Saudis are both narrow-minded reactionaries who both live in their own ghettos/shtetls.

Some might call both parties our stalwart allies in the Middle East; I would call Likud-led Israel and Saudi-led Arabia to be pits of myopia who invest in the narrow status quo.  

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