Thursday, September 26, 2013

When you have nothing nice to say...

Shut up.  Israeli public diplomacy, of course, did the opposite regarding the president of Iran's visit to the UN.

Unfortunately, walking out of a man who is talking moderation and peace makes you look shrill and small. Such actions are an albatross on your pd image, because it makes you look like the extremist.  For years, the Arab delegates would walk out on the Israeli delegate, and it made them look churlish at best.

Rather that walk out, Bibi should have trotted out that Boris-and-Natasha bomb cartoon that he brought to the UN years prior.

And then making a faux linked-in for Rouhani just seems petulant and childish.

I am surprised Bibi didn't complain when Rouhani wished the Jewish people well for Rosh Hashana that he didn't send a round challah too.

Oh Israel, always such a tin ear when it comes to public diplomacy.

The reality is that Bibi needs a bad guy.  He needs some evil czar or cossack to fit his ghetto narrative that the world is against us.  Bibi was never afraid of Ahmadinejad, he loved him because he was the perfect foil. But you know your policy is thin when you have to keep the same direction even when the winds appear to be changing.  

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