Sunday, September 01, 2013

What the World Costs- France

free: entrance into Petit Palace (Musee des Belle Artes); a mini-croissant from the kind bakers at Paul
50 centimes (66 cents): 15 minutes of internet; un demi-baguette
63c (83 c): 500ml Dagsbier (7% Dutch beer)
88c ($1.16):  500ml Konenburg beer (Fr) bought at the store
99c ($1.31): 250g of mushrooms; 2 peppers (one red, one green)
1 euro ($1.32): a croissant
1.18e ($1.51): can of Thon a la Catalan
1.20e ($1.58) : pan au chocolat at bakery in 5th
1.32e: ($1.74): 500ml Davelghem beer (Belgium) bought at the store
1.50e ($1.98): espresso at Palais du Tokyo
1.70e ($2.25): one metro ticket
2e ($2.64): bus ticket (bought on the bus)
2.25e ($2.97): 750ml bottle of Merlot Syrah at the store
2.35e ($3.10): one Hermes macaroon
3 euros ($3.96): crepe avec confiture framboises (rasberry jam)
3.45e ($4.56): bottle of bordeaux at grocery store
4.50e ($5.94): nutella and banana crepa on Rue Sant Denis; une Ricard
5 euros ($6.60): pint of Gothic beer at Happy Hour; shwarma et frittes en La Marais
5.20e ($6.87): small round stinky goat cheese
5:50e ($7.26): falafel at L'as de Falafel (darn good falafel) in La Marais
6 euros ($7.92): entrance to the dome of Sacre Coer
6.20e ($8.19): 25cl glass of Rosé at Les Ondes
7.30e ($9.64): McRoyal, fries and a coke at LeMicky Ds
7.5e ($9.91): snifter of Armagnac
8 euros ($10.57): 1 day rental of electric bike
9 euros ($11.89): entrance to Rodin Museum
9.50e ($12.55): RER train from Charles deGaulle Airport to downtown; entrance to Monet's house at Giverny
10 euros ($13.21): glass of Chardonay at Cafe Flandrin; entrance to Musee Marmottan Monet
13.30e ($17.58): packet of 10 tickets for Paris metro/bus/RER;
13.5e ($17.83): poulet roti (roasted chicken w/ mashed potatoes) at Cafe des Duex Moulines
14 euros ($18.49): steak frittes et salade at a restaurant in Poitiers; steak tartare at Les Ondes
14.5e ($19.15): ticket to the top of the Eiffel Tower
14.7e ($19.42): 1 night hostel in Poitiers
15 euros ($19.81): entrance to Pinacotheque art noueveau/art deco exhibitions (two exhibits), student price
19 euros ($25.10): bus to Poitiers; cheap stand-up fan
20.23e ($26.72): grocerries from local supermarket for the week
22 euros ($29.06): bus from Paris to Brussels, Belgium (3 hrs)
25 euros ($33.06): steak tartare et frittes at Cafe Flandrin- chichi cafe next to my apt
27 euros ($35.66): roundtrip train ticket to Vernon (for Giverny) about an hour outside of Paris
28 euros ($36.98): ticket to John Batiste & the Stay Human band at Duc de Lombards Jazz club (afterhours jam included)
40 euros ($52.83): bottle of Petit Chablis at Bel Canto
45 euros ($60.76): stupidity tax for not having a metro ticket (but I had 3!) that worked when Controle came
49 euros ($64.72): mezze for two at Restaurant Loubnane
81 euros ($106.98): prifixe dinner at Bel Canto for one person (opera included)
467.90 euros ($618): one-way flight to Paris on Iceland Airlines
650 euros ($858.52): servant-quarters-turned-studio in 16th

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