Saturday, September 21, 2013

What the World Costs- Belgium

free: 3 hour walking tour through Brussels; 2 hour walking tour through Bruges
70centimes (95cents): bottle of water
1 euro ($1.32): cup of coffee at Boomerang hostel
1.40e ($1.89):  Antwerp tram ticket when bought in advance (2 euros if purchased on board)
1.8e ($2.43): 25ml Jupiler at the hostel bar
1.9e ($2.57): bus in Waterloo to battlefield
2 euros ($2.64): can of Maes pils at the convenience store; Antwerp tram
2.2e ($2.98): bottle of greuze sour apricot beer at hostel bar; bottle of Westmalle Duble
2.5e ($3.38): emanada at Bar Buenos Aires in Antwerp-best empanadas this side of Buenos Aires
3.2e ($4.33): small fries with samurai sauce; goblet of Westmalle Tripel
3.3e ($4.46): glass of Delerium Tremens at its brewery
3.4 ($4.6): bottle of the best beer I have ever had in my life: Straffe Hendricks
3.6e ($4.87): train from Brussels Central to Waterloo (25 min)
3.70e ($5): 25 minute train from Ghent to Bruges
3.8e ($5.14): Belgian waffle covered in caramel and chantilly cream
3.9e ($5.27): frites, lightly dusted in salt and covered with gobs of mayo, curry ketchup and grilled onions
3.95e ($5.34): lahmcun (Turkish meat pizza) with salad inside
4 euros ($5.41): glass of Garre beer (12.5 percent alcohol)
4.2e: ($5.68) 33cl goblet of Karmelit Triple
4.5e ($6.09): Doner Kebap
4.8e ($6.49): spinach and brie quiche in Ghent
5.5e ($7.44): chicken doner durum
7 euros ($9.47): entrance to Lion monument, 2 films, panorama and wax museum at Waterloo (unemployed discount)
7.1e ($9.60): train from Brussels to Antwerp (45min)
7.5e ($10.14): feta, grilled zuchinni, grilled eggplant and grilled pepper open-faced pesto sandwich at Goudblomme
8 euros ($10.82) entrance to Peter Paul Rueben's House
9.20e ($12.44): 1 hour train from Antwerp to Ghent
10 euro ($13.20): Carbonade (beer-beef stew) at C'est Bon, C'est Belge
14.50e ($19.61): Boomerang hostel in Antwerp
19.5e ($26.37): the average price of two nights in the Meininger Hostel (w/o breakfast)
24 euros ($32.46): hostel in Ghent with breakfast included

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