Thursday, September 05, 2013

The morning read

My takes on things to educate for the day:

-An Aussie Jeb Bartlet.  Oz PM Kevin Rudd gives a great take-down on a fellow trying to push the gay marriage issue.  Worth a watch.

-The brief golden age of US pd to Mexico via US Ambassador Dwight Morrow. When I was traveling through Mexico a few years ago, I stopped in Cuernavaca to see a mural that Morrow had commissioned on Mexican history as a gesture of PD.

-Consular corruption leaking out.  Poor pd, to say the least.

-On the Chinese identity and the semi-impossibility of become "Chinese"

-On the outdated tipping system.  Yes, I am gonna miss the Euro system with tax included in the price, and a waiter that gets a livable wage so that a 10 percent tip is appreciated

-Finally, on getting drunk in North Korea.  NK also loves to get high...

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