Sunday, September 08, 2013

The Gospels of Public Diplomacy

From The Blog of Paul: The Gospels of Public Diplomacy

Let all who are tired come rest in the hostel of many nations.

Let all who are hungry come eat at the table of many lands (Warning: you may have to eat stinky tofu to gain entry into the gastrodiplomacy kingdom of heaven)

Let all who are thirsty come drink from the ambrosia of French wines, Belgian beer, Brazilian caiprinhas and all other nectars that slake the thirst.

Let all who love music come dance and sing in the pale moon light, and till the sun rises over the fecund day.

This holy church we build is on the foundations of cultural diplomacy. There is nothing new to offer: connecting people through music, food and culture is as old as the hills.  Come engage. This is the last temptation of public diplomacy.


John Brown said...

Paul -- Will you put this to music? Best, John

Paul Rockower said...

A dirge perhaps? Or maybe as interpretive dance??