Tuesday, September 10, 2013

The Chechen

The Chechen said: La illa ila Allah.

I agreed.

You are not a normal American.

No, I am not.

You are American but you are not American.  You smell good.  You are going to heaven.

We talked about the One God.  About Musa.  We have the same prophets.

You are yahood, but you are not yahood.  You know the One God.

I do.  We have known the One God for ages.

I am going to Syria.

You should not and I should not.  Neither of us has business there.

His Moroccan friend screamed Marraksh in my ear.  You are Maghrebi.

 Not quite.

Just a night wading through the Dutch hurricane.   


Elaine said...

Love the simplicity of learning new worldviews - yet so meaningful.

Paul Rockower said...

Merci! Yes, I agree.