Sunday, September 01, 2013

Syrian students find relief from civil war in music studies at Baylor, MCC

I am proud to have facilitated this story on the Syrian refugee music students in the Waco Tribune (Sunday Front page, bitches!!).  

And this marks a triple crown for this flack (radio, tv and print)!

And I love this section from the piece:

When Andrey Mukaddasi introduces himself to his new college classmates, his accent instantly prompts questions about where he is from. 
“I’ll tell them I’m from Syria, and they say, ‘Awesome!’ and then I say, ‘You know Syria has a civil war right now?’ and they’ll go, ‘Oh,’ ” said Mukaddasi, 24, a half-Russian and half-Syrian violinist who is beginning music studies at Baylor University and McLennan Community College. 
“It’s strange that they don’t know (about the war), just because Syria has been all over the headlines in the past week.”

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