Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A La Gloria

At Abraxas, drinking mint tea with fresh mint leaves and honey as the sun sets on the last day of the latest adventure.  I spent the day wandering the city bathed in light, muttering "beautiful, just beautiful" and "A La Gloria" as the wave washed over me.

So ends my sabbatical.  It had been a beaut.  Hemingway days in Paris, the belle of the world.  Cheap wine and stinky cheese as I did some reading, writing and thinking.

Then La Belgique for the finest frites and beer.  I loved that little country.

And Amsterdam. A La Gloria.

In medieval days, a physical journey was also seen as a spiritual quest. As always, a journey as such teaches you equal parts about the world, and yourself.

I wish I could stay in Europe.  I really do.  But winter is coming, and I have biz to do back in 'Murica.

But first, I have a date with a fraulein.

I will close out this adventure with the lyrics from my fav Della Mae song, Hounds. Journey on!

I am a seeker of fortune
I am an honest man
I’m tied to my morals
By a steady hand
I’ll bow my head
Into the sea
Let the waves
Wash over me

And the hounds of heaven rise
From their place by the fire
They’re chasing me down
But it ain’t my time
They’re chasing me down
But it ain’t my time


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