Monday, August 19, 2013

Winning Heart Attacks & Minds

At the defibrillated heart of any great American gastrodiplomacy efforts! Fried food from the State Fair!

I am actually not kidding.  The State Fair represents such an iconic portion of American life, and the food is a big part of the fun.  I have seen how popular deep-fried oreos and frito chili pies were at the fair at the Yokohama Naval Base when they had an open-fair day.  

It is so important to remember that public diplomacy, cultural diplomacy and especially gastrodiplomacy cannot be just about communicating high culture, but also some good ol 'Murican values like a fried twinkie. But for what its it's worth, the State Fair and its deliciously fatty fried foods really showcase Americana in all its caloric glory and help project a simpler down-to-earth America that would resonate abroad in many respects, and would be a good angle for people-to-people connections.  

This all gets back to my theories on the Bernays-Barnum School of Public Diplomacy.  Perhaps all I am at (defibrillated) heart is a PD carnie.

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DrBones said...

From a member of the "zipper club", I'll warn you about all those fried foods...