Thursday, August 08, 2013


When not naval-gazing or writing proposals, I am spending my time reading.  I just finished the phenomenal The Sleepwalkers  by Christopher Clark, which I will discuss later

This is a passage from Baruch Spinoza, the Dutch Jewish philosopher who wrote about logic and reasoning in relation to religion, and of theoretical proofs to understand the nature of God. He was excommunicated at the time for his "heretical thoughts" at trying to contemplate the nature of God. In his famous tract "Ethics," he wrote:
"There are those who feign a God, like man, consisting of a body and a mind, and subject to passions. But how far they wander from the true knowledge of God, is sufficiently established by what has already been demonstrated. Them I dismiss. For everyone who has to any extent contemplated the divine nature denies that God is corporeal. They prove this best from the fact that by body we understand any quantity, with length, breadth, and depth, limited by some certain figure. Nothing more absurd than this can be said of God, namely, of a being absolutely infinite."

I am introducing Spinoza to my Pakistani friends as we discuss our own conceptions of God borne out of our respective faiths. 

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