Wednesday, August 14, 2013

La vie c’est la vie

I was just interviewed for French television.  And I learned something: the French make resolutions in September. 

I was sitting under a banyan at the beautiful Bois de Bolougne.  I was watching the water ripple the white row boats, and their shimmering inverse, and taking pictures of the currents and their reflections. 

Not far from me a tv crew was filming the scene.  They finished and walked over to me.  The anchorwoman started speaking to me in French.  I couldn't catch all she said, so I asked her in French if she spoke English.

She told me that they were from TF1, and they were doing a story on September resolutions.  In September the French resolve to live better: some take up running; some quit smoking; some resolve to eat better.

But it would be hard to interview me in English for the French channel she explained to me.  So I said to try to interview me in French and we can see.

I told her in French that I didn’t have a resolution, and life was life (la vie c’est la vie).

They smiled at my response  and put their camera on me under my banyan, and I declared: Je n'ai pas résolutions; la vie c’est la vie.

They smiled, and thanked me in English, and wished me au revoir.

So, friends in France: look out for this Buddha under a banyan, offering his French declarations on life.

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