Tuesday, August 13, 2013

impôt sur la bêtise

And I got hit with a ridiculous stupidity tax (impôt sur la bêtise).  This one was 45 Euros ($60) and came because apparently none of the three Paris metro tickets in my back pocket corresponded to the trip I was taking, and the Controle demanded ticket or payment at Pont Neuilly.

Stupidity taxes generally run between $10-$100 dollars, although they can go much higher.

I have no idea what happened because I definitely used one to get in the system.  This was not like the Acela debacle, where I could at least understand why I might be in the wrong.  I had honestly and definitively used my last ticket in my wallet to get on the stupid train.

The best idea I have is convoluted at best.  I had cut my finger doing dishes on a broken coffee cup as I was leaving my studio.  I had used a receipt in my back pocket as a tourniquet on the way out..  Perhaps when I was changing bandages in the subway, it fell out?  Dunno.  But I had previously been great at saving my tickets.

Faced with the prospect of paying a doubled fine if I had to tangle with the Paris Police (without my passport on me), and starting to run late to meet a friend, I gave up arguing and paid the stupidity tax I did not deserve.  


Abba said...

And Ima lost her passport paper coming back from Uruguay...

Paul Rockower said...

Here is why the situation is not congruent: Ima had a free pass into Uruguay, which I told her to hold onto or she would be fined for losing upon return- so it cost her nothing unless she failed the border crossing endeavor; I legitimately paid my admission, and was fined despite having three tickets- one of which I am still convinced was legitimate. And I don't think Ima ultimately paid a fine, whereas I dropped 60 bucks on a ride I did pay for.